Monday, February 1, 2010


Target is my weakness.

Why is it that I cannot go in Target without spending money?  And not just a little bit of money, a few things here and there...a buggy full of goodies is purchased every time.  It's always such an enjoyable experience to shop at Target, too.  Part of the fun is attributed to the popcorn combo.  My mom discovered that you can get popcorn AND a drink for $1 in there.  What a deal!  I cannot go in there without buying it.  (The price has now gone up to $1.50)  Even Caleb will allow me to buy clothes on a random Monday night if it involves him getting Target popcorn.  Sometimes you have to bribe them...

Part of my Target love goes back to PC when we would make trips to the Target in Simpsonville.  It was always such a treat.  The booming metropolis of Clinton, SC was limited to Fred's.  And Fred's had no popcorn for sale, at least not hot popcorn.

Just FYI, there are lots of cute shirts at Target right now.  I'm already looking forward to the next trip.  It's kinda dangerous how close we live to a Target now!

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*AMP* said...

You are my second friend to blog about Target in the past 2 days! How funny! Must just be something about Target! (It's my weakness too!)