Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet Ben!

Our nephews are such a blessing!  We were able to spend this weekend with one of them.  Caleb's sister, Mabry, her husband Chad, and their little bundle of joy BEN came to stay with us!  We love Chad and Mabry, and sweet Ben is such an added bonus!  He's eating baby food now, and I loved feeding him.  Those Gerber bananas are delish.

I must not neglect sweet Charlie, Ben's "brother."  He was fascinated with the two random cats that came to our back door.  They just stared at each other Friday night while the boys tried to grill.

Mabry makes Ben cackle.  It's precious.  I feel like Caleb and I just fought over who would hold the poor little guy all weekend.

He's just adorable and so stinkin' happy!!!

We went to Greenville Saturday to enjoy the awesome weather.  I was so happy to see sunshine and not be freeeeezing when I walked outside!  Here are the proud parents, Chad and Mabry.

Ben was so excited about the weather, too.  Can't ya tell?

Caleb even busted out the short sleeves.  He wanted to wear shorts, but we told him NO.

The best part of the weekend:  picking out Ben's super Easter outfit AND making him laugh.  2 things that just make my day!

And last but not least...the Easter outfit has a TAIL!  Daddy Chad especially loved that, hehe!


Courtney said...

does it make you want one of your own yet? :)

Kathryn said...

One?? I want 5. It's Caleb we've gotta convince : )