Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rah Rah Rah!

I feel like I just experienced "Bring It On" in real life.  Anna has a cheerleading competition this weekend, and we went to watch their "exhibition" tonight.  These cheerleaders are legit.  They don't do it just to wear a cute skirt and have a good view of the football games.  They do it for real.  I never did competitive cheerleading.  I was more of a "let's watch the game and yell every few minutes" kind of cheerleader.

Competitive cheerleading is a whole different league...

Part of Anna's fan club

The Sherberts came to watch, too.  Jessica (in the green) coached Anna in high school cheerleading.

Anna's team - USC Upstate.  They do some pretty cool stuff : )  Several girls were out hurt or sick.

And I'm sorry, but I couldn't NOT put this on here.  This is the other team's coach in the jeans helping out.  Sweet abs.

And our favorite part of the event is blue jeans boy in the center.  There is no way I can possibly describe in words what a wonderful cheerleader he is.  You just have to be there.  This picture can't do it justice.  He was the "peppiest" male I've ever seen.

Even with this blue jeans character, the "exhibition" really did make me miss cheerleading.  Good luck this weekend, Anna!  Go Spartans : )

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