Monday, February 8, 2010

Night Skiing!

Caleb and I went skiing at night with some friends 3 years ago as one of our "first dates."  We repeated this date on Saturday night in honor of our 3 year dating anniversary.  Actually, just a coincidence, but I get excited over little stuff.  We really had no plans of skiing last weekend, and it was quite a spontaneous adventure for an intense planner like myself.  At 2:00 on Saturday, we decided we were leaving at 3:00 for night skiing at Sugar Mountain.  Luckily, I have pretty much mastered the art of speed packing.  I can literally pack for the two of us for an entire weekend in about 15 minutes.  I might forget some essential items like deodorant, but Wal-Mart is always open.  So an hour heads-up for just one night was no problemo.

It was actually snowing Saturday...the first time I was ever able to ski on REAL snow!  Here we are preparing for the mountain.

We went with Sara Margaret and Matthew.  They are serious about skiing.   Not only do they own their own skis, boots, and poles...SM's boots have HEATERS in them. 

They let Caleb borrow a ski bib.  It was a little snug...

And the boys looked pretty serious.

Here we are 3 years ago at the same place!

We had so much fun!  Both times!  It was absolutely freezing Saturday, but it was so worth it!  I might sign up for some ski lessons next time though.  I have no talent whatsoever.  I just tuck and go, and poor Caleb has to follow behind me.  I wish I had a speedometer on my skis.  We all wiped out our fair share of times, and most of the falls were my fault.


Whitney said...

I'm jealous that you even attempted skiing... I would bust my butt even trying to stand up on skiis!

Alyssa said...

Looks so fun! I wish there was skiing in Charleston..haha...