Sunday, March 14, 2010


We went to Watkinsville this weekend to spend time with Caleb's family.  It was so much fun to see everybody, and we were fully entertained by our 2 sweet nephews.  It makes us both so happy to see them, even the changing diapers part, haha.  Thanks for the practice, boys!  Somehow, we have never been "sprayed" by either of them.

I woke up around 3 am Saturday with a migraine (that's a long story for another day), but other than was a great weekend.  We planned to go for a long run Saturday morning with Erin and Mabry, but I opted out of that one since I had a not so great night.  

After that, we headed to Mall of Georgia in Atlanta for a little shopping fun.  That mall was CRAZY CROWDED, as was our car.  We all rode together...5 adults and 2 little boys.  With Ice Age playing, too.  Never a dull moment : )  I love it!

Here's the cutest, smartest 2 year old I know...precious Garrison.  He absolutely CRACKS me up, and we love him so much!  That hammer in his hand is his absolute best friend.  He literally asks for it the second he walks in the door.  Also, he already knows all his colors and talks in complete sentences, long sentences.  I feel so dumb talking to him sometimes.  What a baby genius!

Sweet Ben enjoyed reading Us Weekly.  I wonder if he gets that from his Mommy...???  Hehe.  He's just as precious as ever, and he wants to crawl so badly.  Caleb insists on making him walk and skip that whole phase.  He seems pretty close to doing either.  It's so cute how he just rocks in the crawling position.  He pulls up like a big boy!

Erin, you may hate us for putting this on here, but I couldn't resist.  Garrison just discovered his nose, and he enjoyed talking about his "boogies."  I think all kids go through a nose/boogie stage, and it is least to Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Caleb.  Thanks for all the laughs, buddy!

Saturday night, Caleb's parents cooked yummy ribs.  I was always taught to never eat ribs on a date, but I guess it doesn't matter at this point.  He's stuck with me forever even if I do end up with rib sauce all over me.  We had another good ole' fattening lunch after church today.  

I hope I learn how to cook as good as our parents do one day.  The 4 of them are always feeding us incredible meals.

And of course, Caleb's mom sent home a box of Easter cakes for him.  Those seasonal debbie cakes are like his all time favorite snack, and I'm sure he'll eat them all this week.  Good thing so that I'm not tempted.  Thanks : )

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