Monday, March 15, 2010


Alyssa tagged me in this little picture game.  Here are the rules:
1.  open your first photo folder
2.  scroll to the 10th picture
3.  post the photo and the story behind it
4.  tag 5 or more people

So here's the picture...I did it from Caleb's computer because it had older pictures.
(my 10th pic was of a Gatorade bottle from the first night we got our new camera...boring)

This is Caleb's grandfather, Pa, his wife Lavon, and Garrison as a newborn.  Honestly, I don't know the story behind this picture, and I'm not even sure I was there.  It's in the Massengill's kitchen...I know that much.  There was one time after Garrison was born that Caleb went home without me, and this may be from that visit.  Not sure...
Precious nonetheless.

Anyway, Pa is a HOOT.  He is a littttttle hard of hearing, and I love when he calls us.  We have to YELL into the phone, making for interesting phone calls when other people are around.  He is the most intense Duke fan I know, and he is a champion power walker.  He also married Caleb and me, along with my Uncle Sonny, so Pa has a very special place in our hearts.  Love ya'll : )

If I knew how to tag people, I'd do it....but I'm pretty sure all my friends have done this by now.

As a side note, Caleb and I ran 4.3 miles tonight without stopping!  Goooo Runner Caleb!  He ate 3 Airheads before the run, and he is now convinced that is the source of his running abilities.

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