Monday, March 29, 2010

Bridge Run

Two years ago, Caleb and I did the Cooper River Bridge Run.  I was still kinda into running, and he had just finished football (so kinda still in shape).  Well, it wasn't THAT much fun, and I agreed to never do it again.  That decision was based mainly on the fact that we stood in line for an hour and a half before the race ever began AND dodged people for the first 2 miles.

Well, guess what we did this weekend?!

The Cooper River Bridge Run.  And I actually LOVED it.  Weird, I know, but it was so much fun!  We did some good eating, too.  We had dinner Friday night at Sette, an Italian restaurant in Mount Pleasant.   I'll take any excuse to eat pasta. 

This is right after we finished the 10k.  An hour of running is a longgggg time, but it was a very entertaining hour.  There was one dude who ran the whole thing barefoot, 2 guys wearing inflatable pig and cow costumes, and several "runaway brides."

One reason this 6.2 mile experience was better than the last...  my mom dropped us off at the starting line and picked us up downtown.  That saved a lot of walking/standing in line time.  You've spoiled us now, Mom.  Thanks!

It also helped that we ran with Lacey and Kyle, one of our favorite engaged couples : )  Ya'll were quite the running duo.  I was impressed.  Kyle is moving to Greenville so we should be seeing them more often now.  Yahoooooo!

We went to Jim n Nick's for some delicious barbecue after the run.  Their mac and cheese is yummmmmmy!

John and Brittnee came to Charleston Saturday afternoon, and we stopped by the Battery for a few pics. It was super dooper windy, but a beautiful site nonetheless.

I even got to see Abbie, one of my best friends from PA school, during this trip.  (Sorry for the terrible background.  This is from one of the few hours spent at the Tanger outlets.)  Her husband did the bridge run, too.  She's the smart one who just dropped him off/picked him up, haha.  

We had dinner Saturday at Kickin' Chicken, my favorite place in Charleston.  I'm pretty sure we visited each of our favorites while we were there.  I feel a lot better for eating so much unhealthy food since we were there for a "run."  Surprisingly, our legs weren't too crampy after the race, and I could potentially plan to do it again next year.  It really is the most entertaining 6 miles I've ever run.

It's always nice to visit Charleston, but I sure do love coming back home to Spartanburg.  When we got home last night, we watched the Duke b-ball game.  They WON!  Get Pumped for their game on Saturday!

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