Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Blind Side

I don't laugh or cry at many movies, at least I didn't until the past few years.  The Blind Side brought me to tears through the whole movie when we saw it in the theater.  I felt sure it wouldn't happen again once we watched it at home.  Wrong.  I sobbed.  AGAIN.  It is just such a sweet story, and it really touches my heart.  I strongly encourage you to watch it!

Luckily, for the tears, ours neighbors called us for a quick trip to Bruster's tonight for ice cream.   We were about halfway through the movie, but who can turn down Bruster's?  It was delish!  Birthday cake milkshake....  yum yum!  Scott and Jenny have been the best neighbors we could ever ask for, and we are kinda upset about them moving soon.  They are going overseas to do missions so we can't get tooooo mad.  It is the Lord's work, and they will be absolutely amazing.

And....sweet Caleb just took my car to fill it up with gas.  I really dislike putting gas in my car.  It is such a tedious chore to me, and I love when he does it for me.  Thanks, Caleb : )

Anyway, please watch the Blind Side.  We have 2 copies (1 blu ray and 1 DVD, we're obsessed) that we would be happy to share!

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