Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunshine and Pageant

How awesome is this sunshine!!  I am loving the warm weather and sunny days.  If only I didn't have to work all day.  Actually, I am grateful to have a job.  I went to lunch with my friend Courtney today, and we purposely chose a restaurant with outside seating.  Great idea.  It was so much fun to get a little fresh air and Vitamin D.  Courtney works with the GI group in town, and I'm loving the fact that we are able to meet for lunch every now and then.

This is from our last graduation from MUSC.  She is one of my BEST friends from PA school.  It is such a blessing to have her so nearby.

After work, I went to judge a pageant at one of the local high schools.  A friend that I met at the gym asked me a while back if I would do it.  I agreed, of course.  I have a hard time saying no when asked to do favors for friends.  Anyway, I'm glad I did it because it was so funny.  The pageant was for boys, and it was kind of a joke.  Good thing because I was dying laughing the whole time at how obvious it was to pick up on the stereotypes.  I had some serious high school flashbacks.  Of course, the popular football player won.  So typical.  I tried to let the nerdy kid win, but oh well.

We have our 3rd dance lesson tomorrow night.  I'm sort of obsessed with Swing dance right now since we learned it on Monday.  And no worries...we went straight from work so we were dressed up.  I couldn't handle another night of dirty looks, hehe.

Hope everyone is able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine the Lord has blessed us with!

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!"  Psalm 118:24

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