Monday, March 8, 2010


We made it to Vegas AND back home!  It was such a fun trip, and Las Vegas is one craaaazzzy city!  Luckily, I have gained a bit more airport confidence since this trip.  I was in shock when we flew out for our honeymoon, but I have sort of gotten used to everything now.  Here we are before boarding the first time.

We went out to explore the city our first night there.  Poor Maggie had surgery 2 days before, but she was such a trooper!  I apologize for the half naked women on the billboard behind us, but there was seriously no way to avoid it.  They were everywhere.

Here we are in front of the hotel.  Everything about it was SO pink, especially in the rooms.  I LOVED it!  We had a TV in the bathroom, and a remote control for the curtains.  How fun!

$1.00 in...  $7.15 out.  What a deal.  We had to at least say we tried the slot machines.  Sadly, they are very addicting to many people.  It was quite sad watching some people throw away 100s of dollars.

We also watched the amazing fountain show at the Bellagio.  None of our pictures can really do it justice, but it was awesome!!!

Friday night, we walked to this little Italian restaurant.  Now Caleb can say he ate one of his favorite meals, lasagna, in Las Vegas.

This sweet little man sang to all of us at the restaurant.  It was so sweet...we thought.  Little did we know, he only did it for the tips.  He blatantly asked for money after we snapped a pic with him.  That city thrives on tips, haha.

Look who we ran into!  Whoopi!!!

My favorite hotel was the Venetian.  Tons of people were doing these gondola rides.

We went to see Cirque de Soleil Saturday night.  It was a wonderful show, and I highly recommend it.  Apparently, there are 5 different Cirque de Soleil shows, and we saw the original.

Aside from sitting in ob/gyn meetings during the day, we had a great trip!  Vegas is one of those cities that everyone should visit once.  There was never a dull moment, and it was quite an experience to see all the fabulous hotels, shows, and even the crazy people.  Going on a little vacay always makes me realize how much I appreciate home sweet home.

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