Friday, April 23, 2010

3 Signs

Top 3 Signs we're getting old:

#3:  We spent our Friday night at a high school baseball game, and we're not in high school.  Nor do we have children in high school.  We went for fun.  And to support a friend.  And there was nothing else we would have rather done.  Helloooooo 20 something's in Spartanburg!

#2.  We bought this product tonight, and we intend to use it tomorrow.  It makes me feel pretty mature.  Yard work is so grown up.

And the #1 sign we're getting old...  I now own this.

My very own pill box.  Wow.  This was a BIG step in my life, but I feel it's necessary considering the few pills I take each day.  Between vitamins and real medicine, it sure does add up (to about 4).  I mean, I'm not a crazy person - it's normal stuff - but this will really help with the organization, hehe.  Caleb and I have joked about this for a while, and we finally caved and bought it.  He finds it quite amusing.  I guess I do, too : )

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