Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Brain Shenanigans

The best analogy I could come up with for me on Monday was a child at daycare.  I woke up Monday morning around 4:30 am with a migraine, took my meds, and went back to sleep.  Being the smart (not) person I am, I got up and went to work at the normal time.  I thought I'd be okay.  Wrong.  Around 10:30 that morning, I started having the aura again.  I immediately took my medication AGAIN, even though I hate taking it at 2x in one day was quite a feat.  (It is safe, no worries there.)  My head continued to pound, and I continued to have the visual disturbances. 
What do I do but call Caleb?  He assures me that I have sick days for a reason, and he is coming to pick me up.  I proceed to talk (cry) with one of the doctors at work, and she encourages me to take the rest of the day off.  So that brings us back to the child at daycare thing...
I just found it so amusing that Caleb had to leave work, come pick me up, gather all my things (computer, water bottle), and take me home.  Did I mention I whined the whole way home?  Well, I did.  I was like a sick a little kid whose daddy had to pick her up from daycare.

I saw my neurologist today, and we've decided to do some extra tests and start on a new medication as prophylaxis.  I sure do hope it helps!  She also assured me that I will be having MRI's done of my brain each year to monitor my little abnormality, and IF I ever need surgery...she's only sending me to the BEST.  This "best" just happens to be in New York.  So, IF I have to do it, at least it's in a cool place, right?

Tonight, Caleb and I had a date night to see Dear John at the dollar theater.  I haven't read the book, but I loved the movie!  That Channing Tatum is easy on the eyes ; )

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*AMP* said...

Praying for you Kathryn and hope that all of your pain subsides and that everything will be ok. Let me know if I can do anything!!