Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs!

I'm obsessed with holidays.  They make me so happy!  So I loveeeee every tradition with holidays, even if that means making Easter eggs as adults.

We splurged for the $1.88 PAAS pack that included glitter.  Woo Hoo!

Somebody chose to eat some of the eggs before we could dye them.  I wonder who that might be...

He LOVES eggs.  His cholesterol does NOT.  Oh, well.

Britt and me hard at work.   We were energized by the delicious steaks John grilled for dinner.  He really is turning into a pretty good chef.

They're so sweet.

We decided to show off our FAVE egg.  Mine was lime green with sequins and cross stickers, just in case you can't see it.  Caleb's has sports balls on it.  John and Brittnee's actually looked decent.  Lame.  

Now that's art.  I have not a single creative, artsy bone in my body.  I do have a blast trying!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter celebrating the Lord.


Uniquely Yours said...

Love it! Of course Mama and I did the same thing.. only we stuck with the 99 cent version. (my finger is still a little blue today:)
Happy Easter!!!

Kathryn said...

aww, yay! that makes me happy! happy easter to you, too!