Monday, April 5, 2010

Multitude Monday

I'm being a copycat yet again for what I think is a GREAT idea..  Courtney does a post every Monday listing 10 things she's thankful for, and I am so excited to start doing it, too!  So often, we let the simple things go unnoticed.  I am going to attempt to have a sort of organization to this blog and do this Multitude Monday thing each week.  Here goes the first TEN!  In NO particular order or significance...

1.  Watching Duke play b-ball in the NCAA championship game 

2.  A husband who loves me so much

3.  Celebrating Easter with loving family

4.  Watering our plants in the spring

5.  Cut up strawberries as a snack

6.  Playing Setback on my parent's front porch

7.  My humidifier that helps be breathe so well

8.  Shopping trips on Good Friday with my mom

9.  My Mama's macaroni and cheese

10.  Knowing that sweet Ben is crawling!  Can't wait to see him go!

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