Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go Tigers!

Last night, we went to the Clemson vs. Georgia baseball game at Clemson.  My friend Courtney's boyfriend, Robbie, works on the grounds crew for Clemson.  He was able to get us some freebie tickets and great seats!  We were right between the dugout and bullpen.  Thanks, Robbie!

All 4 of us enjoying the game.  Caleb and I felt obligated to wear black for UGA, but we knew it would be a Clemson win.  So...Go Tigers?!

And here's ole' Robbie in action.  He's the one on the tractor.  We were well entertained throughout the game by all of his buddies.  

Any Clemson fan knows this, but I just realized last night that their QB Kyle Parker is like a stud of the baseball team, too.   Now that's an athlete.  Clemson football schedules their practices around his baseball games.  He must be good.

We're headed to Bible study tonight.  We just finished Crazy Love last week so we're gonna start something new!


Alyssa said...

Go Tigers? Matt would be proud :)

*AMP* said...

Now wait...something does not seem right. Someone who works for Clemson gave you freebie tickets and you wore UGA colors? That doesn't seem very nice! Haha. GO TIGERS!!!

Kathryn said...

Haha, it's not nice, but I feel like we always have to sort of cheer for Georgia...only b/c Caleb is from Athens.