Sunday, April 11, 2010

PC, Puppies, and Party!

My favorite weekends are the ones with nothing you HAVE to do, but lots of things you WANT to do.  We went to PC Saturday morning for the Spring football game.  Several of Caleb's friends were there to watch so we enjoyed hanging out with them.  There is never a dull moment when they're around.  My favorite part was lunch at Steamers after the game.  Steamers is a little deli downtown Clinton, and I eat a turkey dipper every time.  I always remember the many trips there that I made with my PC friends.  Good times!

Later that afternoon, we went over to my cousin's house to get some sun.  It is very nice living so close by to them, PLUS they have a pool and 2 cute puppies.

Here's Emma, and she really makes me want a dog.  She is so soft and sweet.  Her little ears flop when she runs, and I love it. 

Anna and I tried to get a tan.  I'm gonna have to play "catch up" with her.  Clearly, I have not seen the sun yet this year.

The other "puppy" Mallard is a handful.  He loves playing fetch with his nasty tennis ball more than I've ever seen a dog love anything.  He gets so happy when you take it from him, and he just takes off like there's no tomorrow to prepare for the catch.  He's quite the athlete.

Finally, Saturday night, we went to a party in Anderson for Haley and Cal.  Haley is one of my best friends at PC, and she's in pharmacy school now.  She was one of my "go-to's" for borrowing clothes.  Her closet was endless, and I loved it when I could bum dresses off of her : )  She and Cal are so sweet, and it was great seeing so many PC people.  We didn't take the camera, so I'm just adding an old pic of Haley and me.

This is from Halloween our Junior year, I think.  She always had the best costumes, haha.  She and Cal are getting married in May, and I am so happy for them!

Now we're just enjoying the Masters (well, Caleb is) until my girls Bible study tonight.  Go Phil Mickelson!  : )

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