Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jeslyn's Wedding

We came home Saturday afternoon so we could make to the Cash-Lanier Wedding.  Jeslyn married Chris at First Baptist, and it was the happiest wedding ever!  Her flower girls wore these precious yellow tu-tus, and the bridesmaid dresses were adorable.  Their recessional was a song from the movie Enchanted, and it was SO happy!  They had the reception at Summit Pointe, the same place we had ours.

I grabbed the bride for a quick pic.  Jeslyn and I are in the same girls small group on Sunday nights, and I have loved getting to know her!  She is so sweet!

Our neighbors were at the wedding, too!  Jenny, our neighbor, is Jeslyn's cousin.  They have a huge family, and we can hardly keep up with who's who.  They are all so nice!

Obviously, Lyndsey and Lauren were bridesmaids.  I really loved the short yellow dresses.  They had a HUGE bow on the back!  So cute!  And Amanda (in the black) is preggo!  Yay for a new baby Bass on the way : )

I love weddings, and we had so much fun celebrating Jeslyn and Chris!

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