Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Caleb and I are so blessed to have such wonderful mothers, and we are thankful for them every day!  We are so happy to have a day set aside just for them and for us to remind them of how thankful we are.

Friday night, we drove to Georgia to surprise Caleb's mom.  We sent her gerber daisies earlier to say "thank you," and we decided it would be even more special to actually show up to see her.  She was completely surprised, and we were so happy!  We met up with the rest of the family at Scoops for ice cream later that night.  Both of our nephews (and their moms and Chad) spent the night with us so we would have lots of fun time to play Saturday morning!

It's no surprise that I took about a bazillion pictures of Ben and Garrison, but I'll only share a few.

Look who's standing up all by himself!  Go Ben!!!  He'll be walking before we know it!

We played outside all morning, and I just loved it!  Garrison and Ben are hilarious and so entertaining!  Here we are with the neighborhood horse, haha.   

We had a great time in Georgia, as always, and we loved seeing everybody!  Caleb's mom is so great to both of us, and it was great to celebrate with her on Mother's Day weekend!  We love you : )

We came home Saturday afternoon to go to a wedding.  It was tons of fun, but that would be way too much for one post.  

Sunday we headed to visit with my wonderful Mom and the whole family.  We decided to go to a different place this year.  We rented some space at Rose Hill Plantation.  It's a beautiful, historic home, and it was so awesome!

Here's Caleb and me with my mom.  She is so good to us, and we are incredibly blessed!  We love you : )

Anna and I played all over the plantation.  We're waiting for the little park ranger to come fuss at us.

The three sisters posed for a picture.  They're all wonderful mothers, and we love each of you!

Here's the matriarch, Mama Deanie, opening her presents.  She loves those Clarks shoes.  I'm pretty sure she has them in every shape and color.  I think that's the cool grandma shoes.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful role model in our "Mama."  We love you SO much!!!

It was a beautiful weekend, and we had a great time celebrating all the Mothers in our lives!

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