Monday, May 3, 2010

Multitude Monday

What are we thankful for this week?!

41.  Jordan's ability to tell me exactly where to find any item in any Food Lion

42.  the celebration of John and Brittnee's 1 year dating anniversary

43.  movie nights with Caleb (we watch way too many!)

44.  our gym membership...because it guilts me into going even after long days at work

45.  already sliced fruit

46.  my water bottle with a built in filter

47.  getting a haircut this week

48.  homemade fresh banana bread delivered by our sweet neighbors

49.  organizing all of our "big kid" documents from the past year and a half

50.  finding sweet notes/cards while doing that organizing


Alyssa said...

I got a haircut this week, were twins! :)
Also, I just noticed that you have a chiari decompression surgery blog on your are a loser.

Courtney said...

i would eat alot more fruit if it was already cut up for me!

Kathryn said...

alyssa - i'm an educated loser though, haha.