Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Happy May 5th!  Woo Hoo!  We started this holiday off with a little excitement this morning.  Caleb was upstairs brushing his teeth when he heard me screaming bloody murder from the kitchen.  There were ANTS surrounding my lunch box.  Yes, I left a little snack in it from yesterday, but I didn't expect those hideous little creatures to find it.  Gross!  He was late to work because I insisted that he kill and clear out all of them before leaving.  Thank you ant killer and dust buster!  And thank you Craig for telling us what to do : )

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo tonight with some yummy mexican food at Broncos.  We were a group of 7 girls, and we waited an HOUR for mexican food.  I have NEVER waited for mexican food.  In fact, we're usually in and out of the restaurant within 30 minutes with that speedy bean and rice recipe they've got going on in the kitchen.  Anyway, I cannot really complain about the wait because it was so much fun hanging out!  Caleb was with a group of guys eating wings and being boys while I got to have "girl time." I think it's SO important for all girls to have a girls night every now and then!  I had a blast!  And we all got free Broncos t-shirts!  I just love holidays!

So Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We did decide that next year we are going to pick up Taco Bell and take it back to somebody's house, in efforts to avoid the long wait, hehe!

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