Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anna's 21st!

Anna is the closest thing I've got to a little sister.  She's my first cousin and an only child so that pretty much requires her to be like my little sister, HA!  It is so crazy to me that she is now 21.  I'm getting so old!

We celebrated her b-day at the beach Saturday.  Here she is with a few of her friends.  
Susan, Anna, Charlotte, and Fisher
(I'd kill to look like those youngsters in a bathing suit)

Anna and I (and Caleb in the ocean) posed for a quick beach pic.

We had dinner in Murrells Inlet Saturday night at Lee's Inlet Kitchen.  It has always been one of our favorite places to eat, and they  have yummy hushpuppies with this awesome butter!  Great choice, Anna!

Here's my mom, Anna's mom Jeanie, and Aunt Bibi - the 3 sisters

2-1  !!!!

She had a HUGE cake that was delish!

We had so much fun celebrating with all the 21 year olds, haha!  I definitely realized by about midnight that I am in fact 25.

Happy Birthday, Anna Banana!  We loveeeee you  : )


Alyssa said...

Did you check the guest book at Lee's inlet kitchen? :)

Lollie said...

It was so great to run into you on Saturday night! I was definitely realizing that I am 25 too, haha. Love the blog and all your adventures!!!