Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One of Caleb's best friends in the whole wide world, AJ, and his precious fiance, Grace, stopped by our house last night for dinner on their way back home to Georgia.  They are quite possibly the cutest couple ever, and we cannot wait for their wedding in July.  The Lord has already done so much in their lives, and it is such a blessing to spend time with them.  They will certainly glorify Him through their marriage.

We helped them work on their registry a little bit, so fun!  They are very practical and were only registering for things they NEEDED right NOW.  We showed them how fun it was to pick all kinds of stuff, HA!  
Grace is a Georgia Gym Dog, and I tried to convince her to do some layouts in the living room.  Maybe we'll see a little tumbling at the wedding, haha!

We guilted them into staying longer by starting this movie.

It's about Pompe disease and a father that goes to extraordinary measures to find a cure.  It is such a touching story, and it makes you truly value your health.

  They all said the acting wasn't great, but I'm not a good movie critic.  Anything with a happy ending and a sweet story wins my heart.  We had a wonderful time with some extraordinary friends : )

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