Monday, June 7, 2010

Multitude Monday

We had such a fun weekend with lots to be thankful for...

81.  Surprising friends with birthday celebrations.  Happy Birthday, Lacey!

82.  summer weddings...and matching outfits

83.  good luck rain at a lake wedding

84.  PC football boys

85.  my ZTA family!  Congrats, Bekah!!  You were a beautiful bride!

86.  PC cheerleaders doing stunts at weddings

87.  ZTA pics at weddings

88.  hilarious dances by the bride and groom

89.  playing the Newlywed game at Sunday night's Supper Club

90.  eating watermelon by the pool with great friends!


Courtney said...

where was that wedding? that rain was crazy!

Kathryn said...

Lake Murray in Chapin. It was crazy, but the sun came right out in full force 10 minutes later : )