Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wayyyyy back!

There's really nothing like a friendship that goes back to age 2.  I started taking dance lessons at that age and became friends with some of the girls that I am still friends with today.  One of these girls is Nicole.  She went to college at USC in Columbia and has been there ever since.  Until now!

She and her husband recently moved to Spartanburg for his job as a drug dealer pharmacist.  I am so excited to have them nearby, and we had them over for dinner last night to celebrate the move to Spartanburg.

Caleb and Dusty (her husband) just talked all night about lake stuff.  Dusty is quite the wakeboarder, and he's had the famous people at his lake house before.  I would say who the famous people are, but I have no idea.  Shaun somebody?

Anyway, we had so much fun hanging out with them last night!

I have no idea why I am putting this picture on here aside from just to make fun of myself, but here's Nicole and me from wayyyy back in high school.

Who let me out of the house looking like this?!  Thanks, Mom!

And here we are at Nicole and Dusty's rehearsal dinner 2 years ago.

I only wish I had pics on the computer from our dance recitals at age 2.  Or some of the ridiculous videos Nicole and I used to make as little kids.  We thought we were so funny and entertaining.  We entertained ourselves at least, singing songs and telling stories on camera.  Wow!

I'm so thankful to have such fun friends right here in Spartanburg!

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