Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flag Day

So, remember Cinco de Mayo when we had a little Girls Night to Broncos?  Well, we decided that we're gonna do this each month on a holiday, and not the biggest, most famous holiday of the month.  Rather, we  would like to celebrate the more subtle holidays that get overlooked.  For instance, we chose Flag Day last night.  Flag Day is June 14, and it commemorates the adoption of the US flag.

We decided to try out our grilling skills and grill hamburgers last night.  Keep in mind that no males were there, and I was quite impressed with some of the girls ability to grill.  I watched, HA!  I did make a "flag" cake for dessert if that counts.

It was so much fun just hanging out, talking, etc.  One of the girl's husband is a musician, and she gave me one of his cd's to listen to.  I may have just become David Walker's biggest fan after listening.  It is such a great cd, and he is soooo worth a google.  Or just davidwalkeronline.com if that makes it easier.

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