Monday, July 19, 2010


We had another fun weekend at the lake!  There was lots of entertainment and never a dull moment!

For instance, this young fellow, who I refer to as the "floater" kept us entertained for quite a while.  He "floated" over from 2 houses down.  He's a distant cousin of the owner who was just visiting for the weekend.  Their boat and jet ski are in the shop so he was eager to hang out as much as we'd let him.  

I'm not good at telling his stories, but he was 3 sheets to the wind and full of advice on life, water sports, and anything in between.  This picture sums up Caleb's opinion on the whole situation - he just ignored me as I encouraged the "floater's" conversation, HA!

Ole' Floater did let us borrow his "professional" knee board.  Caleb had never tried it before, and he was a natural.  I personally enjoyed knee boarding, too.  The falls didn't hurt as bad as wake boarding.

My dad had some friends come visit for the weekend.  Here's David and his wife Sandra.  David and my daddy were friends growing up, and David moved to Texas several years ago.  He's now a preacher in Tennessee and stopped by for a little fellowship on his way home.

My 2 sweet brothers and me.  The only reason they're smiling is because we were at the lake.

He's gonna pull something doing this one day.

Here's a group shot after our big dinner Saturday night!

Remember Jordan's new puppy from the 4th of July?  Well, John got one, too!  Little Tyson.  Neither of them care too much for the water yet, and my mom thought she'd help by getting them a life jacket.  (Mabry, I know I made fun of yours for Charlie, and have no fear - I made fun of this one, too!)

I don't think he liked it too much.  Kobe tried one on, too, and it just made him lean right on over.  So, Tyson and Kobe TRIED to be floaters, but it just didn't quite work out.

Anyway, we had lots of fun and great weather!  It rained just enough to cool things off every now and then.  : )

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