Tuesday, July 27, 2010

McElroy House

One of my (and Caleb's) favorite things to do is look at houses.  We live in a cute little town house that we love (for now), but we still have a good time looking at other things.  One of our favorite houses is his sister's.  Erin's husband, Jimbob, is a genius, and I'm pretty sure he designed/helped build their entire house.  How cool is that!

It's really an awesome house!  He's so talented.  We went by there this weekend to check out their latest project.  There's always something cool going on!  Jimbob is currently building a wall outside.  He explained the wall to me, but I do not yet fully grasp the idea.  I'm sure it will look incredible!  All the dirt piled up in the front is a part of the "wall" plan.

Garrison is going to LOVE growing up in the country with all the land, animals, etc.

I've come to terms with the fact that neither Caleb nor I have these talents like Jimbob, but hey, what's a brother-in-law for?  Ha!

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