Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shirt/Tie Combos

I pretty much pick out Caleb's outfits every morning.  And he loves that.  He probably doesn't love that I call what he wears to work "outfits," but it is.  I kinda love it too because it prevents terrible shirt and tie combinations from making it out the door.  Sometimes I only modify his "outfit" after he's made a good attempt on his own.

Take this morning for instance.  He was wearing light brown dress pants (Perfect.  They go with everything), a green and white striped shirt (ok) and a plaid tie with green, navy, and brown (whoa).  I am a HUGE fan of only ONE design between the shirt and the tie.

If you're gonna rock a striped shirt, that tie better be solid.  And if you really wanna wear a plaid tie, then get yourself a solid shirt.  It's that simple.

Am I the only one who feels this way?  Because Caleb totally thinks it looks good and is normal.  Maybe I'm just boring when it comes to outfits ; )