Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ben comes to town!

We were so happy to have Caleb's sister, Mabry, and our sweet nephew, Ben, come up for a visit this weekend!
Ben is almost 16 months old, and he is the sweetest thing ever!  He's starting to talk so much now, and he has tons of new words, most of which we can understand.  The vast majority of his vocabulary consists of football related words:  Touchdown!  Fumble!  You'd never know his daddy is a coach, haha!  He really is amazingly excited when you just show him a football.  It's adorable.

On Saturday, we went to Landrum for a little shopping and walked around downtown.  We had lunch at The Hare and Hound where we ran into Lizann and William, 2 friends from PC.

We realized how close we were to the mountains and decided to go on a little drive.  We passed Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, and all sorts of other tiny towns until we stumbled upon a little pumpkin patch.

For some reason, this pumpkin patch had llamas...

and scarecrow-eating dinosaurs.  Completely normal.  Ben walked up to the giant T-Rex over and over and would say "Roar" in his sweet little voice.  It was precious.

The corn maze was enormous, and it was a great stop during the long (but pretty) drive!

Sweet Ben had fun, and he was such a trooper riding around in the car all day reading books.  He's quite the reader.  

 Caleb and Ben had to watch the Georgia game on the computer Saturday night because we didn't get the channel that was showing it.  Aren't they cute?

On top of having a great weekend with Mabry and Ben...

Georgia, South Carolina, and Clemson won, making it a pretty successful football weekend!  But it gets even better...

PC finally won a game!  Go Blue Hose!

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Alyssa said...

Thank the Lord PC won a game...'bout time! Ben is such a cutie!