Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ZTA Flashback

Some of my favorite memories from PC are related to being a ZTA.  I made so many great friends, and I had so much fun with those girls at ZTA parties, service events, and even meetings.  I was able to have a bit of a flashback to these memories tonight.  I spoke at the ZTA meeting at Wofford College tonight about gynecology topics relevant to college age girls.  It was so special to be back in one of those meetings, and I felt like I was 18 again!  It was neat being able to remind the cute girls to enjoy these 4 years of college.

Here's a pic of my pledge class at our senior banquet in 2007.

They are such a fun group, and I hope to see lots of them at Homecoming this weekend!



Whitney said...

Only the best get crowned! :)

Courtney said...

don't make me bust out my "first and finest" on you!

p.s.Durham can't wait to see you saturday!

Uniquely Yours said...

I'm sad i won't be there this weekend. Did you wear your pin the meeting :)Miss you
ps. zlam


Kathryn said...

meredith, i could hardly remember that pin when i had to wear it. lol. we'll miss you this weekend!

and courtney, tell durham i can't wait to see her either. i'll bring her some strawberries and crowns.