Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grocery Shopping

There are certain tasks around the house that are stereotypically for the man or the woman.  For instance, Caleb takes out the trash.  I do the laundry.  He vacuums, I dust.  It's simple.  One of my other duties is to handle the grocery shopping.  I really don't mind it as long as it's only once a week, and we've planned our meals.  Caleb is responsible for running in the store on the way home to pick up the ONE thing I forgot.  He's great at that!

Now that I've given him a little praise, I need to remind myself that he should not be allowed to do the big weekly trip to the grocery store.  I've sent him once or twice, one of those times being this week.  Big mistake.  

I made the list for him, in perfect detail.  I even group things together for the certain sections of the store.  Guys like things simple : )  So simple, in fact, that they don't dare compare prices or really look at details in the store.  For instance, Caleb comes home with all the brand name, not on sale items, and I loveeee getting the buy one get one free or store brand items. 

He bought ORGANIC potatoes this week.  I'm not knocking all that organic stuff because I know lots of people love it.  But I don't love it.  I think it costs a bit too much, and the real potatoes work just fine.  He had Sprite on his list, for the sole purpose of having a non-caffeinated beverage in the fridge, aside from water.  What did he come home with?  Mountain Dew.  Only because he saw it first.  He also got $20 worth of ground beef.  That's a lot of meat.

You gotta love his effort, but I'm letting this trip serve as my reminder that I am meant to do the grocery shopping.   Partly because I'm cheap and way too attentive to details, and partly because he's much better at other things.

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Cameron said...

this makes me laugh!