Friday, November 5, 2010

Flu Shot

Caleb always feels a little bit awkward anytime he comes into our office, mainly because it's an ObGyn office.  What male doesn't feel a little bit weird?  He doesn't come that often, probably no more than 3 times ever, but still...

Well, to add to the awkward-ness of today's visit, Caleb was getting his flu shot at the obgyn office.  And I gave it to him!  His mom always gave him vaccines growing up because she works at the health department.  So he says he's comfortable with loved ones giving him injections.

I was vaccinated a few weeks ago, so we should be Flu-Free at the Massengill home!  Caleb says I threw him under the bus with my post yesterday so I hope that keeping him flu-free will redeem me, HA!

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