Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hot Now

Anytime someone in our Sunday School has a baby (which seems to be happening quite frequently), the other members take dinner to them for the first month.  It's a pretty great idea.  Caleb and I took dinner to the Davis family last night, and we made a stop at Krispy Kreme on our way to snag some doughnuts for dessert.  The HOT NOW light just happened to come on as we got to the drive thru window, and who can resist that?  Of course, we got a couple of doughnuts for ourselves, too.

We had already planned to go by a couple of local gyms after dinner to try and decide where we want to join next.  Our memberships run out pretty soon.  We were a little nervous walking into each of them about some "FATSO-must join now!" alarm going off.  Mainly because we both smelled like delicious HOT NOW glazed doughnuts, not to mention Caleb (no surprise) had a bit of glaze that dripped onto his clothing.

Luckily, no such alarm.  So feel free to eat you some delicious hot glazed doughnuts prior to a good workout.  Great idea, huh?! 

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