Sunday, January 16, 2011

Deb Ball

Good news!  Our camera is back, and it was repaired/cleaned for FREE.  Sometimes I get frustrated with Caleb wanting to buy warranties for everything, but it usually does pay off.  He is right sometimes... ; )

We've had such a fun weekend, and I am now pretty exhausted.  We had some friends over to watch a movie Friday night, and we had to return it to good ole Redbox Saturday on our way to the debutante ball.  Caleb got a few looks in line at the Redbox in his tux.

We look forward to going to the ball every year.  It was lots of fun when I was a deb, but I think I enjoy it even more now because I can just relax and have fun.  And yes, Caleb has a beard.  It has a deadline for removal, and it's getting closer, ha!

It is now held at Summit Pointe, the same place as our wedding reception, which is kinda neat.  We usually sit with my parents, but we had a "kid" table this year.  Here's the girls from the table.

Me, Brittnee, Kacie, and Anna

Kacie is expecting a baby girl in May!  So exciting.  Doesn't she look great?!

Here's my parents during dinner...pretty typical for them.

I love catching up with friends from home at the ball every year!  

John and Brittnee stayed with us last night, and we decided to make pancakes and bacon at 2 am.  Yum! That could explain why I am so tired now.  Oh, well!  Have a great night : )

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