Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blizzard 2k11

Let me first say how bummed I am that we are camera-less for a SNOW DAY.  It should be back to Best Buy any minute now so we improvised with friend's cameras and our blackberry.

The weather guys have been predicting this blizzard for several days now, and it was not a letdown.  We actually headed to NC on Saturday morning with Caleb's family to visit Pa and Lavon for a late Christmas celebration.  We had an "adult car" for the 3-4 hour ride which was lots of fun.  Caleb's parents drove the babies, and the 6 of us (Chad, Mabry, Jimbob, Erin, and us) could do adult stuff in our car.  You know, like color Toy Story pictures on the iPad, watch stupid YouTube videos, etc.

It was great to see Pa and Lavon and celebrate Christmas yet again!  We made it home Sunday just in time for the storm.  I knew that I would quickly develop cabin fever so we tried to stay out of the house as much as possible before it started.  We watched the Duke b-ball game at a friend's house Sunday night before heading in to prepare for it early Monday AM.  I'm pretty sure neither of us slept Sunday night due to excitement, and it was an official Snow Day for me.  Caleb's bosses are from up north, and they expected him to come in, even with 6.5 inches of snow on the ground.  Well, I rode with him to get in a few hours at work around 9:30 am.  It was take your wife to work day.  Not really.

Then, we stupidly braved the roads for a trip to the country for some 4-wheeler riding, redneck sledding, snow ball fighting, card playing, and chicken stew eating.

We also built this handsome snowman.

(That's the only picture I've got...how boring!)

Today was Snow Day #2, and it has been equally as fun.  Caleb's Northern bosses even let him work from home today due to the icy roads.  Woo Hoo for sleeping in!

We may brave the roads for a trip back home soon.  The snow is pretty and lots of fun, but I'm almost ready for it to leave.

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