Thursday, January 20, 2011


After work last night, I met a friend from PC at a Thai restaurant on main street in Spartanburg.  It's called Lime Leaf, and I've been wanting to try it for a while.  Caleb isn't one to branch out and try new restaurants, especially Thai food, so I love when I have a friend in town who will do it!

I had dinner with Rachel, a girl who is currently applying to the PA program at MUSC.  Her interview is coming up next week so we just chatted a little bit about that whole process.  It was so neat to remember all the nerve wracking thoughts and preparations that I had back then.  I remember cheering at a PC basketball game, and my mom waiting on me to finish so she could drive me to Charleston for the night.  She actually dropped me off for my interview the next morning, like a little kid going to kindergarten, ha!  I stressed over every single detail like it was life-changing...oh my!  Well, I guess it worked!  With a few migraines along the way...

Anyway, Rachel is such a smart, sweet girl, and she's going to do great!  Lime Leaf was pretty yummy, too!  I'm so excited for the path she's about to go on, but I'm equally as excited that I'm already done with all that stressful stuff!

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