Saturday, January 1, 2011

To See or Not To See?

Caleb and I decided to go see a movie today since it was perfect movie weather, and he gave up on shooting Bambi.  We decided on How Do You Know? because the preview made it look like a great chick flick.  There were several big names in it.  It had to be a good one, right?


I have never, I repeat NEVER, walked out of a movie.  Mainly because I'm cheap, and if we're gonna pay for a ticket, we're gonna sit through it.  Well, I can't make that statement after tonight.

After 1 hour of nothingness in that movie, we realized that Little Fockers was about to start.  What did we do, but walk right out and go watch it?

I'm not sure if that's ethically "right," but honestly, we felt like we deserved a full refund from the first movie.  So that makes it okay, right?

Little Fockers was funny, but far too inappropriate for the abundance of kiddos in there.  We enjoyed it nonetheless.  Am I gonna go to movie jail now?  Ha!

Yay for 2011.


Jordan said...

I don't blame you, we were definitely disappointed in "How Do You Know" as well!

Alyssa said...

um...yea, terrible movie. And YOU should be the one telling us if its right or wrong, didnt you work at the movie theater once upon a time...????

Kathryn said...

Good point. I say it's fine. A lot worse than that happened at Union Square Cinemas.

Kathryn said...
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