Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maui Day 6

We allowed ourselves to get crazy and sleep in on Friday.  By sleep in, I mean 7:30 AM.  The 5 hour time change really helped us wake up bright and early each day.

Our hotel was just a short walk from Black Rock Beach, a perfect place for snorkeling!  So we geared up and walked over to see some fishies!

This view is off our balcony.  Black Rock Beach is that big island-looking thing in the back.

We saw tons of gorgeous fish with neon colors and polka dots.  I don’t know the names of any of them, but they sure were pretty.  I also saw some real coral, and there was a seal somewhere around us.  The best part of all:  we only paid $10 total for both of us to snorkel.  Thanks to our PC buds for the snorkel gear.  We only paid to rent a handy dandy flotation device.  It was lots of fun!

We ventured back over to Whalers Village shopping center that afternoon for our 2nd trip to YogurtLand.  Ya’ll, this place is our newest obsession.  We think there may be one in Charleston, and if so, you should totally go.  We had red velvet cake batter yogurt (Caleb’s fave) and acia yogurt (my fave!), TWICE.  It was so cheap and yummy to the tummy.  In fact, that was our lunch on Friday.

We spent Friday night (our last night) at the Royal Lahaina Luau.  What a great way to end a Hawaii vacay!  We watched them bring the piggy out of the underground oven, ate a delicious buffet meal, and watched an amazing show!

We saw this presh couple in matching outfits!  I hope we're back doing this same thing at their age : )

The show was great, fire and all!

A luau is THE thing to do in Hawaii!



Brooke said...

Sadly, the closest YogurtLand is in Texas. There are only imposters in the state of South Carolina, I am sad to inform you. (Imposters meaning..."tutti fruitt", "yogurt mountain" and the closest to YogurtLand is in Greenville...32 degrees off of Augusta Road). NONE come close to YogurtLand. Our obsession began in San Diego.
Good news though: Atlanta is getting one...we might be moving there for it! Ha! We totally get the obsession.

Kathryn said...

Haha! I'm so glad you understand our obsession. It is amazing. Thanks for letting me know, but I'm so sad to hear it. Maybe Caleb can open one up in SC. He made that his life plan while we were there...

Brooke said...

Josh and I will go in with you on the franchise...we would surely shut down all these YogurtLand wanna-be's down!