Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maui Day 7

We were soooo sad to leave Maui.  We decided to stretch out our stay as long as humanly possible.  We ventured out to part of the Road to Hana on Saturday to check out Ho’kipa Beach for the huge waves.  It’s gorgeous there!

We drove as close as we could to “Jaws.”  “Jaws” is where they tow the surfers out to the 80 foot waves.  Google it.  It looks awesome.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to walk out to the edge of the beach to watch.  Plus, I was a little weary of doing so, considering all the No Trespassing signs and such.

Caleb straight stalked some surfers at Ho'Kipa Beach, and here's one of them wiping out.  I have about 200 pics of surfers on my computer now, ha.

We saw some more pineapples growing near "Jaws."

And here's our final pic in Maui.  Sad, but beautiful, day!

Sadly, we dropped off our sweet Ford Focus and made our way to the airport.  The Focus did not compare to the Lincoln, but it did have a country music station.  Oahu had no country music, and this southern girl was pumped to finally hear some Garth Brooks on Maui, HA!

Flying home was not nearly as pleasant as flying there, mainly b/c it wasn't direct.  We were exhausted by the time we made it back to GSP.

But still...  

Hawaii was our favorite vacation ever!  Mahalo for following our trip on the blogaroo : )

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