Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brittany + Matt

One of my college roommates and best friends, Brittany, is marrying an awesome guy, Matt.  We celebrated their engagement Friday night in Greenwood!

They are such a great couple, and their story is so sweet.  They started dating at PC, and they've been together through lots of life changes.  The most recent change being that Matt has been in Iraq since July serving our country.  He is home for his 2 week R&R, and they are thrilled to see each other after those long months apart.

Brittany's little younger brother, Reynolds, has always been such a cutie.  I cannot believe he's so tall and handsome now.  Watch out freshman girls : )

It was fun to see all of their family and friends come together to celebrate them.  We were excited to see  Matt's brother Ryan and his wife Anna.  They are such a fun couple and so sweet.  They live fairly close to us, and we agreed we need to get together more often!

This one's for you, Nana!  I found out that Nana is quite the blogger.  She keeps up with Brittany's friends via blogworld.  She is one sharp Nana I tell ya.

Here's Brittany and Matt with all of Brittany's law school friends.  The IQ of the people in this pic is probably like a million.  

Lizann really wanted us to take a ZTA picture and put up the crown, HA.  Or maybe we had to make her participate in our silliness.  Either way, it was great seeing all of ya'll : )

And finally, Brittany and Matt got engaged at Disney World last year.  Lizann (the matron of honor) gave them these personalized Mickey and Minnie hats.  How cute!

We are so happy for you two!!!  Love ya'll : )


Elizabeth said...

you're the bomb for posting pics. and for revealing my love of the crown :)

Elizabeth said...

this is liz ann by the way HAH