Monday, March 14, 2011

Gail and Graham's Wedding Weekend

Gail and Graham had a beautiful wedding weekend in Greenville, and I was honored to be a part of it all!  Everything was so perfect with such attention to detail.  It was all so "Gail"!

A group of 7 of us from PC have worn this same garter at our weddings.  It has been such a fun, special way to celebrate each other.  The last one to get married gets to keep it, and guess who the lucky winner is... GAIL!  It's so crazy to me that all of us are already married!

We arrived at Twigs for the bridal luncheon on Friday.  It's always sweet getting to see the bride's mom, future MIL, grandmothers, aunts, and other special ladies in her life.  Gail is definitely loved, and our lunch was yummy.

After the rehearsal Friday afternoon, we had dinner at the Poinsett Club.  Gail looked adorable.  She kinda reminded me of Ariel.  You know, The Little Mermaid.

This group of people has been to many a rehearsal dinner together.

We woke up to a beautiful day on Saturday.  The girls decided to go for a walk down to Falls Park while the boys went to play golf.  We then met Gail at the salon, and she got all beautified.  Then it was picture time at the church.  Here's one of all the PC girls.  Love ya'll : )

Here's Gail with her sweet little sister, Laci.  Laci entertained us all.  She especially loved Alyssa.  Maybe because Alyssa convinced Laci she was engaged to Justin Bieber.  Oh my.

And here's the happy couple!  Mr. and Mrs. Graham Hardaway!

And another happy couple, Brad and Mandy!  I can't believe ya'll have been married almost 4 years.  Their wedding was the first one Gail and I were bridesmaids in together.

I told Caleb his purple tie would look good with his black suit.  Little did he know I wanted him to match my purple bridesmaid dress ; )

The reception was at the Upcountry History Museum in downtown Greenville, and it was tons of fun.  Here's the incredible cake.

What's a wedding reception without a little stunting?  Go Gail.

Lacey & 'em.

We had so much fun celebrating Gail and Graham!

I hope we didn't embarrass Gail too much...

Gail, I hope you're having a wonderful time at Kiawah right now.  I'm so excited for you and Graham!  Love you : )


Courtney said...

by the looks of that last pic...i'm glad some things haven't changed!

Cameron said...

great pics kat! had a great weekend with ya'll...but so sad our bridesmaid adventures are coming to an end :(

Alyssa said...

uh...yea you didnt embarrass Gail, but what about me? and why are there no pictures of you playing the guitar? :)

Kathryn said...

courtney, don't you worry. no changing here. and cam, i'm sad, too. we'll come up with excuses in the future. alyssa, you've got bieber fever.

Kathryn said...
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