Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Boys

We spent this past weekend in Athens at Caleb's parent's house.  We always have a great time relaxing, hanging out, and eating!  One of our favorite parts of weekends like these is seeing our 2 sweet nephews.  They were especially sweet this weekend, and we loved every second with them.

Garrison and Caleb had lots of man time while they "fixed" stuff.  By "fixed" I mean carrying around plastic tools and banging on furniture, appliances, etc.  They may or may not have done more damage than good while "fixing."  And big news:  Garrison is now potty trained!  Woo Hoo!

Ben is the happiest kid ever!  He's so talkative now, and he loves to sing.  I love how he says our names.  He makes "Caweb" and "Kafryn" sound adorable.  He's also very into books, and he will let you know that HE is going to be the one doing the reading.  Between all that reading, Ben makes some pretty poopy diapers that we try to change.  And yes, WE change his diapers.  It takes both of us.  He's like a little ninja when you lay him down!

Garrison can operate an iPad like a champ, and Ben is right behind him.  I developed an ear infection shortly after getting home, and I'm praying these 2 precious kiddos don't get sick from their Aunt Kathryn...

 It's so cute watching them become best buddies! 

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