Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too soon?

I think yes.  Wayyyy too soon to be in the lake water wakeboarding.  This weekend proved my theory that girls are smarter than boys.  Brittnee and I stayed in the boat Saturday during our ride around the lake, but the boys chose to get in the 60 degree water.  John, Jordan, and Caleb took a dip in the cool water, and they all faked being tough guys while wakeboarding.

Having a new boat was definitely a big player in the whole "let's wakeboard in March" game.  I think the boat will be just as fun in June.

It wasn't all fun and games at the lake.  The boys did a few chores early Saturday morning after a hearty breakfast.  Not heart healthy.  Just hearty.

Jordan, the pyromaniac of the family, gave us all a little entertainment while we helped out in the yard.

It was such a great weekend, weather wise, perfect weather for grilling.  We had burgers at a friend's house Friday night, and Caleb wanted to do some grilling of his own today.  I give Caleb a hard time for grilling being his only contribution to our at home meals, but he does a superb job at it.  He grilled us this huge hunk of meat for lunch, and it was yummmmmy pork tenderloin.

The sad part is...the 2 of us ate almost 1/2 of that meat in one sitting.  

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