Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dinner with Don

Dr. Don Wilton, that is.  We just had the most AMAZING night tonight with our small group.  Our preacher, Dr. Wilton, came over for dinner, fellowship, and a little Q&A session.  I don't think I could possibly put into words how incredible the night was, but I'm gonna try.  I don't wanna forget all the fascinating things we learned, and how our pastor made it sound so simple.  

He and his wife are so loving and sweet.  It was awesome just spending time with them in a very personal setting.  They shared so many great things with us openly and honestly.  We feel so blessed to have been a part of it all.

This session all came about by our study in Ephesians.  We had questions about the salvation of infants and children, and those questions led to many other questions.  Dr. Don pointed out scripture to us which reveals that all infants in faith, whether chronological infants or not, do go to Heaven.  It ended up becoming a rather deep discussion as it progressed to adults who live in the Amazon or other places and have never heard the Word.  According to the scriptures (which I am terrible at quoting), by the end of time, the Word will have been preached to all people.  What a miracle!  Go missionaries, go!

We then ended up talking about the end times.  We all agree that the current world disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes) are possibly signs of the Rapture.  In a split second, Jesus will come down in the clouds to take all Believers up to Heaven to be with Him.  Get pumped!  I asked the preacher about our spouses, families, etc., and He believes we will all be reunited to celebrate.

We ended up going into extensive detail about the end times, and I was so intrigued.  Someone compared it to a comic book story, and it truly is gonna be mind boggling/awesome!  Dr. Wilton had such confident answers to all of our questions, and I understand a small portion of Revelations now.

All of our discussion leads back to the fact that we have one...ONE....purpose on this earth.  That purpose is to bring others to Christ and to live for Him.  Day in and day out.  That's all that matters!  That's tough to swallow.  We soooo get caught up in our jobs, our homes, our families, etc., and while these things are important...Ultimately, it's our relationship with Christ and letting Him use us however He pleases that truly matters.  Tonight's discussion opened my eyes in a huge way.

I pray that we can stay focused on our purpose, and we can glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do...all the time!  We should not take a single second for granted...Jesus is coming : )


Cameron said...

so cool to hear about all you are learning through your small group and church!
Jonathan and I (and the rest of my family) just finished a book called "Radical" by David Platt...it's a short and easy read, but it's the most eye opening book i've ever read. It really has changed my whole perspective on life, the gospel, and our purpose! You and Caleb def need to read it!

Kathryn said...

I've heard of that book. You know I'm not the most avid reader out there, HA, but I might just have to check it out : ) Thanks, Patty.