Sunday, April 17, 2011


Some of the best friends we've made in Spartanburg are the couples in our small group.  We love spending time with them each week, and it's even better when we find a chance to get together on the weekends.  We were so excited when one of those couples, Kyle and Julia, asked us to go to dinner and a concert last night.  Kyle and Julia are such a precious couple, and we have loved getting to know them.   We always have so much fun when we get together.

Converse College hosts an outdoor concert every April, and we had a great time when we went to it 2 years ago.  That's when Caleb discovered Matt Nathanson, and we enjoyed some hits from the Zac Brown Band.  Darius Rucker was the star of the show this year!

His voice is so unique, and he's extra cool since he's from SC.  He sang several new songs, a few Hootie hits, and a couple of classics - Purple Rain and Family Tradition.

We saw some other friends there, too!  Ellice went to PC with us, and Abby married a PC guy.  They all live about 5 miles from us now.  It's a small world!

Even though it got a little chilly when the sun went down, we had a great time!

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