Monday, May 2, 2011

Jeff & Morgan

I decided NOT to wake up at 4 am to watch the Royal Wedding, but I did see bits and pieces of it throughout the day.  I thought Kate and Pippa looked gorgeous.  William and Harry weren't too shabby either.  

But...we got to celebrate another special couple on Royal Wedding weekend!  Jeff & Morgan had a wonderful weekend in Charlotte to celebrate their marriage!  Jeff and Caleb were roommates at PC and really good friends all 4 years.  Morgan and I ran cross country and were ZTA's together.  We loved being there to celebrate with them.  Here's the happy couple at the rehearsal Friday night.

Apparently, Jeff has some obsession with hippos.  Several of Caleb's friends have favorite animals.  Who knew?  Kinda weird, but whatever, HA.  So in honor of Jeff's fave animal, here's his groom's cake.

These guys don't get together very often, but when they do...  Well, it's special.  They always seem to have the best time, and they never want the night to end!

Jeff's dad, George, is a hoot.  Here he is giving his toast before the slide show.

It was lots of fun catching up with all of these girls!

We drove home late Friday night to get a little sleep before March of Dimes the next morning.  Here'a a picture of a few of us from work.

Our office always gets a group together to walk/run at the event each year.  It was extra special this year because we walked in honor of Sawyer.  One of our nurses, Donna, had a grandson born 5 months ago at only 23 weeks and 5 days.  It is an absolute miracle that he is alive today.  He went home 2 weeks ago, and he is doing awesome!  He has doctor's appointments daily, requires lots of medications, and was still using oxygen as of last week.  His mom and dad are being so strong, and we keep them in our prayers.  Sawyer was the perfect name for him - sounds so strong and powerful!  So we walked for Sawyer!  

It was such a pretty day for March of Dimes, and Caleb and I loved being able to run for such a great reason.

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