Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lake Day with the Cousins!

We had a busy but fun weekend last weekend, including a quick trip to Charleston Friday night and Saturday for a wedding and shopping.  We came back to the lake Saturday night to hang out and prepare for our cousins coming over to play after church on Sunday!

One of my first cousins, Leigh, married Andy, and he is a Chaplain for the Air Force.  They have always had to move around, and they are currently living in Texas.  We don't get to see them very often so we were very excited when they came into town for the week.  Leigh & Andy have three daughters, Sarah, Abigail, and Rachel, and they were thrilled to spend a day at the lake. 

They had never been on a jet ski, a boat, or an innertube, and it was a real treat to watch them have fun!

My mom just bought this giant island, or play pen as my Daddy calls it, and it's awesome!

Anna and Jordan on a boat ride!

I think that's Anna and Rachel.  Rachel squealed the whole time!

I helped Leigh check one thing off her bucket list...jet ski ride.  And add to it, with a terrible driver : )

Here's Mom with her brother, Sonny.

Aunt Jeanie and Cousin Leigh

Little Caleb kneeboarding!

Abby and I on the tube!

And here's Sarah with screamin' Rachel.

They really had a great time, and so did I!  

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