Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ocean Isle

We spent the week at Ocean Isle Beach 2 weeks ago with Caleb's dad's extended family, and it was so much fun.  It was super HOT and sunny all day every day which was perfect for the beach!  We usually only stay half the week, but we both had enough vacation days for the whole time this year.

Our nephews were not crazy about the water at first, but they learned to love it (after much convincing from their mommas).

They were so cute playing together.  Garrison called their swim jackets their "Buzz Lightyear shirts."  

We had appetizer night and dance party one night.  Here's a few of the girls.

We ran into some of my friends at church on Sunday, and they asked us to go on a boat ride Monday.  Of course, we said yes!  Brian and Patricia are a super sweet couple.  I went to high school with Brian, and he met Patricia at Wofford.  They live in Charleston now so we don't see them that often.  They got married 2 weeks after us so that's kinda neat!

Thanks for taking us out on the ocean!

Our brother-in-law Jimbob is ridiculously creative, and here's his masterpiece for shade this year.

Ben is sleeping like a champ in the front, and Garrison is napping hard cord in the back.  You can't really see him in the pic.

Go, G-Mac, Go!

We had dinner in Calabash one night and took the annual family pic.  It's so pretty out there!

Erin and Ben

We spent lots of time laying and playing on the beach.  Garrison wanted to stick his tongue out for a pic.

We had dinner at Provisions on Holden Beach one night.  Here's Caleb's Uncle Cliff with his twin daughters.  

We did a group pic our last night there.  I felt so patriotic.

It was kinda difficult to hold the squinty eyes open in the bright sun, but Caleb's parents like sunglasses-free pics : )

Here's Grammie and Papa with the boys

Such a pretty sunset!

It was a wonderful vacation!

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