Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ben is 2

Caleb and I went to Georgia this weekend to celebrate Ben's 2nd birthday!  I really feel like he was just born.  It's so crazy to me that he's already 2 years old.

He has grown up so much, and he is hilarious!  He talks all the time, and he has so many words.  Not to mention I can actually understand what he's saying now, ha!  My favorite thing he does is when he wants you to come play with him, he comes to you, grabs your hand with his, and pulls you along asking you politely to come play.  He has such great manners.  Who could say no to chasing him around with Mater?  (He is fascinated with Cars and Toy Story, and it's adorable.)

Grammie and Papa gave Ben a new basketball goal for his birthday, and he LOVES it.  He's going to be a little all-star athlete.  

We also got to see Caleb's cousin, Tristan, this weekend and celebrate his high school graduation.  He's mighty tall to be just graduating high school!  I hate we don't get to see Tristan more often than we do,  but we really enjoyed spending time with him and catching up this weekend.

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