Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Size 0 and 7 months

No, not me.  I have never been and never will be a size zero.  But I know somebody who wedding dresses!  John's fiance, Brittnee.  I went with her and a few others to watch her try on wedding dresses the other day, and we joked that she would probably need a zero.  I've always known she was skinny and ate like a bird, but she is literally a size zero.  And looks awesome in every dress!  I better start dieting now if I'm worthy of wearing a bridesmaid dress next to her in May.

And 7 months is how long it's been since I had a hair cut.  I went yesterday for a trim, and the girl who cuts my hair was giving me a hard time for not coming for a while.  I seriously I thought I went around April or May, but it was January.  No wonder my hair was super stringy!  I gotta do better than that.

Somebody turned 2 this week, and I can't wait to celebrate with the birthday boy!!!

I really can't believe he's already TWO, and I know Mabry and Chad can't either.  It's almost party time!

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